Elevate Every Occasion with Metrobottle

Whether it’s a grand wedding, a milestone celebration, or an engaging wine tasting event, either virtual or in-person, Metrobottle is dedicated to transforming your event into an unforgettable experience. We love catering for you!

Unrivaled Expertise in Beverages
Our team isn’t just knowledgeable about wine, beer, and spirits – we’re connoisseurs. With deep insight and extensive experience, we ensure that your event features a selection that’s nothing short of exceptional.

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Value meets quality at Metrobottle. Enjoy remarkable savings with our competitive prices and exclusive mixed case discounts, starting from just six bottles. Make the most of every dollar spent.

Hassle-Free Delivery Services
To simplify your planning, Metrobottle offers convenient delivery in select areas. We bring the celebration to you, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Rewards with Every Sip
With Metrobottle, every purchase is rewarding. Earn 1% cash back in rewards points on each buy, redeemable for a variety of non-alcoholic items in our store.

A Personalized Shopping Journey
Dive into a bespoke beverage selection process with our Director of Events and Wine Director. Our personalized consultation and shopper experience are designed to make your choice both effortless and enjoyable.

A brief history of catering

Catering is like throwing a big party where you prepare a lot of food for many people, and it has been around for a super long time! Long ago, in ancient places like Egypt and China, really important people would have huge feasts to show off their wealth and power. They needed lots of food made for these parties, which is like the early days of catering.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, kings and queens also had big, fancy dinners in their castles. By the 18th century, the idea of catering became more of a real job, especially in the United States. There was a guy named Robert Bogle in the 1820s who was one of the first known caterers in Philadelphia, and he helped make catering a big deal.

When trains became popular in the 19th century, caterers started to make food for train passengers too. Fast forward to the 20th century, and catering companies began to handle all sorts of events like weddings and business meetings.

Nowadays, catering is a huge industry all over the world. Caterers not only make food but also make sure it looks good and fits the theme of the event. They use the internet and social media to show off their food and get more people to hire them.